Do You Do Transfers?
Yes we do!  Transfers are free if you purchase your gun through us.  Otherwise, transfers are $25.  We offer a $10 discount if you are a Veteran or are in Law Enforcement.

Do I need a background check?
If you have a current permit to purchase or current concealed carry permit in the State of Iowa, an additional background check is not needed.  If not, we can do an NCIS FBI background check for $10.  Just remember to bring your current State issued ID and CCW permit with you when you come to pick up your firearm!

What states can I carry in if I have a CCW?

Can you ship my firearm?
Yes.  Firearms can be shipped in the U.S. and must be shipped to an FFL.  The firearm must be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FEDEX and the cost is $19.95.

Can you ship my ammo?
Yes.  If you are of legal age and in the U.S., ammo is shipped via FEDEX and the cost is $12.95.

How is other merchandise shipped?
We have a flat rate shipping cost of $7.00 and most items are shipped via USPS or UPS.

Can you find me a particular gun or item that is not showing for sale or in-stock on your site?
Yes!  We have our website linked to our All-American Tactical store through Davidson’s under our “Gun Search” tab.  You can search for and securely purchase any gun you are looking for there.  We are also dealers with over two dozen wholesalers for anything from guns, optics, accessories, ammo, survival gear and more!  So call us if you are looking for a great price on something specific!

Is your website safe/secure for my credit card purchases?
Yes!  Our website is secured/verified/SSL protected through GoDaddy and Authorize.Net so you can be sure your information is safe for secure purchases.

What are the Federal Firearms Regulations/Laws?

What are the State of Iowa firearms/weapons laws?

What is a gun friendly firearms community and review site?