We will build it!

Let the All-American Tactical Weapons Custom Shop build your “DREAM” AR15 or SBR.  As of July 1, 2017 – Short Barreled Rifles will finally be legal in Iowa!  We can do a custom build to your liking that your life can depend on.  Just let us know what you are looking for off of our spec sheet, and we will price it out for you.

We can start with a custom engraved All-American Tactical logo multi-cal lower (5.56 or .300 Blackout) – complete with custom selector markings.  You want a folding stock?  You got it…  You want a Geissele SSA Trigger?  You got it…  Aimpoint PRO Optic?  sure thing…  Or how bout a suppressed upper?  NOW WE ARE TALKING!!

You deserve the highest quality, most dependable, most unique rifle out there.  Treat yourself to the best and stake your life on it!

Don’t Tread On Me…